Improving oh-my-zsh startup time

I’ve been using zsh as a replacement for bash for some time already. Its cool features like globbing patterns (**/* ftw!), tab completion or typo correction are now essential to me.

oh-my-zsh makes it really easy to get a fully functional shell out of the box because of the defined functions and its plugin system. Nonetheless, it makes my shell startup really slow. Or it used to, because I have gitpulled (nice verb there, isn’t it?) several patches created by oknowton for the shell framework that improve a lot the startup time.

git remote add oknowton https://github.com/oknowton/oh-my-zsh.git
git pull oknowton master

Pat Regan original post can be found here.

UPDATE 11-04-29

According to Robby Russell the branch has been merged upstream, so you don’t need to checkout┬áPat Regan’s branch anymore. Thanks to both of you for making our CLI experience better ;)